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Customer Testimonials
At Crusader I saw results fast. Within the first month I had two sets of changes to my credit file! They were even able to remove a repossession AND a foreclosure which were really hurting my scores. I have recommended Crusader to my friends and family. At Crusader they know how to get things done!
  - Vadim K., Denver, CO

I can not tell you what a blessing your services have been to us. Your help getting our credit report cleaned up and our credit score raised made it possible for us to purchase our condo. While many families are looking for bigger and better, we are at the stage of life where we are downsizing and looking for the place that can be our home during our retirement years. With your help we are now in the place that will be where we spend the rest of our lives, no stairs!!!
Thank you again, and I will without a doubt recommend your services to any and all that need the services you provide.
  - Nancy & Jerry O., Colorado Springs, CO

I just wanted to say thanks for helping me turn my credit around. I think it was just about 5 months maybe less and My mid score went from 560 to 670 and a high score of 773. Too bad that one doesn't count but it is still going up to this day. Pretty amazing. I will make sure to let people know to call you if they need similar help. Thanks again,
  - Steve D., Englewood, CO

Your service was able to have the credit agencies remove a substantial amount of items from my reports, including those that were erroneously on there. I was absolutely delighted in the number of items that were removed from my report. The process was handled very quickly and effectively.
  - Yakini A., Greenbelt, MD

Good news! As you know, when we started, my scores were all under 620. I just was told that my Equifax score is now at 713!!! My Trans Union is now at 639!! We haven't even gotten back all the letters for the second round, but I just wanted to thank you. Having a score above 700 was a goal of mine for a year after we started, but just after several months I've got one reporting agency already there. This was very unexpected. Your advice and the letters you sent are obviously working great! Awesome! Fantastic! THANK YOU!
  - Dan E., Boulder, CO

Crusader did not let me worry for a minute. I didn’t think I could qualify to buy a home. But within two months I became a homeowner!
  - Geneveive H., Lakewood, CO

If it hadn't been for you guys I wouldn't have stayed on top of my credit issues - you've been very beneficial. Otherwise I'd have been shooting in the dark!
  - Rocco S., Denver, CO

Again, thank you for the quick response on my credit score I was able to finance my home at 6.50% instead of 8.75%.
  - Glen K., Highlands Ranch, CO

I highly recommend these guys and glad that a mortgage broker referred them to me. They worked with me for 5 months and I'm extremely happy with my 75 point improvement and plan on maintaining contact with them in the future.
  - Robert S., Brighton, CO

Thank you for working on my husband and my credit scores. I received a report from TransUnion today for James and bought his FICO score of 710. Hurray, This is really up from the 680s already. Thank You.
  - Tami B., Monument, CO

Finally went through the final reports. You guys did a great job.
  - Tami O., Lakewood, CO

At Crusader Consumer Services they really have excellent customer service. They sit down with me and listen and give me hands-on assistance. They have greatly helped to improve my credit. I recommend them to everyone!
  - Sharon H., Aurora, CO

As a customer of Crusader Consumer Services, my fiance and I could not describe how much we are satisfied with the results of correcting our credit history. Especially my fiance's. His results and credit score increase was such a major change, we are able to start the purchase of a home with absolutely no problem. We both feel we had no regrets on having Crusader Consumer Services assist our needs on repairing our credit history, and will highly recommend them to others in need of credit repair. Thank you for your help!
  - Leonora C. & Richard L., Trinidad, CO

Crusader has helped me raise my credit scores 150 points in the last few months. Now I am in position to buy commercial real estate. Thanks to Crusader !
  - Kostas K., Denver, CO

If you are looking for a place to take your credit worries away Crusader Consumer Services is the place. They specialize in various types of credit restoration and were able to assist me in quickly bouncing back after bankruptcy. They take the hassle out of repairing your credit and walk you through the process step by step. Thank you Crusader Consumer Services for helping me get back on my feet.
  - Crystal B., Broomfield, CO

When I was younger I made some bad choices with my finances and credit. I was eighteen years old and banks were offering me credit cards left and right. Well being the uneducated teen that I was I jumped at every opportunity that had come my way. To make a long story short my wife and I were up to our ears in debt by our early twenties. With a new baby girl in the picture it was getting really tuff to make ends meet. We felt as if we had no choice but to claim bankruptcy, so we did. Shortly after we decided to purchase a home. Only it wasn't that simple, the aftermath of the bankruptcy left my credit in shambles. We couldn't get home loan if our lives had depended on it. It was a rather disheartening.
I had no clue what to do or how to go about fixing my credit. I was lost. Well a good friend of mine referred me to a person named Jason Belmont an associate with Crusader Consumer Services. My friend told me Jason specializes in credit repair and might be able to help me. I called Jason and he was very professional and understanding. We talked for just about 15 minutes, he asked me some questions about my credit and what my financial goals were. Well after Jason had taken a look at my credit he informed me that my Credit scores were quite low. Between my wife and I our best score at the time was 447. I thought all hope was lost when I heard that. But Jason reassured me that he would take care of us and we would be on our way to shopping for our dream home soon enough.
Within just a few months of Crusader working hard on our credit we were up to 680. My wife and I were absolutely beside ourselves. We were so happy. We were finally able to get approved for a home loan. Its been fun shopping for our dream home we haven't quite found what we are looking for yet, but thanks to Jason and Crusader Consumer Services we are finally financially ready to buy our dream home just as soon as we find it. Thanks Jason for all of your hard work.
  - Nick M., Lakewood, CA

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