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Customer Testimonials
I have been involved in the mortgage business since 1998 and I am proud to support Crusader Consumer Services. Their experience and services have a direct impact on people's lives - they have a unique method of showing people how to improve their financial profile.

Larry Harte
Mayor (2004-2012)
Glendale, CO

Client Testimonials
- Vivian A., Gasu, NY

- Arkadiy, Shteynvarts, NY

- Jacqueline, Medina , NY

- Aide V., Aransas Pass, TX

- Anna M., Annandale, VA

- Eliza V., Brownsville, TX

- Gary P., Conway, SC

- Jessie A., CA

- John C., Deltona, CA

- Jose D., Aurora, IL

- Leonard B., Laporte, IN

- Migdalia H., St. Petesburg, FL

- Niva L., Deltona, FL

- Ocie C., Cleveland, OH

- Yuderkis D., Bronx, NY

Affiliate Testimonials

The guys at Crusader Consumer Services are very professional. They are very honest guys who won't over promise something to a potential client. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to my client's future.
  - Nick D., Charter Funding. San Diego, CA

Crusader has done things for people with tough credit that I haven't seen in my five years as a mortgage originator. Bravo!
  - Craig L., President, Foundation Mortgage Lending, Denver, CO

Crusader has easily increased my bottom line by 10%. I never have to say "No" to a client ever again for mortgage financing. With Jason as part of my team I can qualify clients even with the worst credit.
  - Tim W., Summit Financial Mortgage, Denver, CO

Crusader means I never have to say no to a client. They are honest and very educated on how credit works.I trust in them to take my BC clients and turn them into A paper. Crusader's customer servce is the best.
  - Jill J., Clarion Mortgage, Centennial, CO

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